Essential Magnesium is dedicated to assisting everyone live a healthier life. Magnesium is key to more than 330 processes within our body. With reduced availability of essential minerals in our soils and increase in today's stressors, many will find that their magnesium levels are depleting. Increasing magnesium transdermally is easy on the body and optimally absorbed, making a difference within a few applications. Essential Magnesium's range of all natural magnesium creams and sprays formulation helps with pain relief, muscles and joint health, rest and relaxation. Without Magnesium there is no energy, no movement, no life. It is that simple! Solutions: For Kids, For Headaches & Migraines, For Better Sleep, For Muscles and Joints Health, For Deep Pain & Post-exercise Recovery, Relax and Detox, For Smelling Good!

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