10% Off Specialised English And Chinese Programme Term Renewals At Thomson Kids

With the aim to help children with learning difficulties maximise their learning potential, Thomson Kids Specialised Learning offers structured educational programmes that are backed by research-proven teaching methods. The differentiated curriculum is based on MOE syllabus and developed by an experienced team, including experts in child psychology, curriculum writers and special needs teachers. A member of Thomson Medical Group, the learning centre’s programmes offer support to children who are struggling in mainstream schools.

Inspired by the Orton-Gillingham Approach, their Specialised English Programme aims to make phonics, morphology, comprehension and writing strategies fun and easy to pick up. Classes are interactive and also aim to help children develop useful traits to help them succeed in life. The Specialised Chinese Programme intends to make learning Chinese relevant and enjoyable. Besides technical aspects such as character and stroke recognition as well as the pinyin system, students can expect to learn about Chinese culture and values through interactive activities.

Find out more about Thomson Kids’ Specialised English Programme here: https://www.thomsonkids.com/english-language-programme

Find out more about Thomson Kids’ Specialised Chinese Programme here: https://www.thomsonkids.com/chinese-learning-singapore 

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