Safeguard Your Baby’s Health With Cordlife At $3.30/Day*!

Good health is half the battle won.

Every baby’s cord blood has the strength to fend off over 80 major illnesses1 such as leukaemia, lymphoma, thalassemia, metabolic disorders as well as immune disorders, but they can’t harness it unless we choose to secure a lifetime of protection with them.

Empower your child in the name of health at $3.30/day* with Cordlife!

*Terms & Conditions apply. 

Why store cord blood?

- Readily available supply of Haematopoietic Stem Cells, providing assurance that stored stem cells are available for use during a time-critical situation

- Guaranteed match for your baby in autologous transplants, where the donor and recipient are the same individual

- Genetic match for the family with up to 75% chance of a genetic match for siblings¹

To learn more about the lifesaving benefits of umbilical cord stem cells, click here.

Why Cordlife?

- Established Family Cord Blood Bank in Singapore since 2001

- Adherence to International Industry Standards

- Proven Transplant Track Record with 69 successful release cases till date

- The only cord blood bank in Singapore to adopt CellOptima™ – a patented technology that can harvest and expand two types of cells from your baby’s umbilical cord lining: Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Cord Lining Epithelial Stem Cells.

- Fully-owned Processing and Storage Facility with Over 20 Years of Laboratory Management Experience

Get the upper hand in health!

Speak to Cordlife at 6238 0808 or visit here for more information today!

Terms and Conditions:

- For Cordlife's selected cord blood banking service only.

- Celebrating Life digital card must be presented to enjoy the offer.

- Cordlife reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior notice.


1. Jawdat D, Saleh S, Sutton P, Anazi H, Shubaili A, Tamim H, et al. Chances of Finding an HLA-Matched Sibling: The Saudi Experience. ScienceDirect. 2009;15(10):1342-1334.