TCM Weight Management at $68 nett


Struggling to keep to a healthy weight? Perhaps there is a more fundamental issue that needs to be addressed. During this weight management treatments, your physician will assess your diet and lifestyle habits as well as emotional health to determine your underlying body condition that may have led to weight gain.

In TCM, fat tissues are considered as excess phlegm or dampness in the body. By selecting acupuncture points on the stomach area, arms and legs, the treatments aim to get rid of the phlegm and balancing the body’s functions can help to improve metabolism. Not only does TCM weight management help to get rid of excess weight, it can also improve other conditions such as bone and joint pain, balance blood sugars and lipids, sleep apnoea and fatigue.



  • Boosts metabolism
  • Gets rid of fluid retention
  • Improves digestive functions
  • Improves other health conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid from March 2020 to June 2020
  • By appointment bookings only
  • Applicable for first-trial customers
  • Applicable for one-time use only
  • Celebrating Life digital card must be presented and points will be accumulated on spendings