My Account
  • How do I log in to my account?

    You may access your Celebrating Life account through our web or app. After you have created your username and password upon sign up, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account and start earning rewards.

  • Can I change my personal information on my account?

    You will be able to change certain information such as your occupation, address and interests. Other information such as your name and identification number are necessary for the retrieval of your medical records from our clinics or hospital. Hence, you would not be able to change such information. If you require a change, please contact us or visit our hospital and clinics with the relevant supporting documents.

  • How will my personal records be used in this account? Will my personal data be safe?

    The privacy and security of members’ information is our priority. Your data would be solely used to facilitate the features and benefits of the membership programme to help enhance your Celebrating Life experience.

  • I cannot log into my account, what should I do?

    You may wish to re-enter your email address and password to ensure the correct login. You may create a new password via ‘Forget Password’, restart your browser or device, or simply try again later as high traffic or system maintenance may also lead to log-in problems.

  • How do I close or cancel my Celebrating Life account?

    You may contact us to close your account. However, we would encourage you to keep your account as termination would mean that all points and rewards cannot be redeemed thereafter. You may choose to unsubscribe to newsletters or communications from the programme instead.

  • How would I be able to enjoy the offers?

    Simply log in to your account and present your digital Celebrating Life card to enjoy the special offers. Please note that terms and conditions apply for each offer.

  • Can I share the offers with my family and friends?

    Celebrating Life offers are especially for membership holders only. If your family and friends are keen in the offers, invite them to join Celebrating Life! You may even earn bonus points as a referral.

  • When can I use the offers?

    Each offer is valid for the time period mentioned in the terms and conditions. As we will update the offers from time to time, you may log in regularly to check on the latest offer!

  • How to earn points with my Celebrating Life membership?

    Points are accumulated and earned right from the first day of your membership! See the table for the list of activities that will earn you points.


    Points Description


    Number of Points

    Account Activation

    Activating account by verifying email address


    Update Profile

    Providing all fields required in profile page. One time only. Unless campaign requires.


    Update FBI / SBI Profile Fields

    FBI / SBI members to complete the details about Baby, i.e. Estimated Delivery Date, Name of Baby, Birth Certificate of Baby etc. (Coming Up)


    Transaction Points

    Spend on selected non-medical Thomson Product and Services at the following:

    ParentCraft Retail Store
    ParentCraft Classes
    Thomson Chinese Medicine
    Thomson Wellth Clinics

    $1 = 1 point

    Update Health Journal

    Updating of Health Journal once every 6 months (Only available on mobile application on IOS and Android.) Please refer to the terms and conditions on mobile app. 


  • There is an error in the number of points in my account, what should I do?

    Points earned may take up to three working days to be reflected in your account. For activities such as contests and reviews, the verification process may take longer. If your points are not credited after more than two weeks, please contact us.

  • What can I do with my points?

    You will be able to redeem your points under the ‘Rewards’ tab.

  • When do my points expire?

    Points are valid for 3 years and will expire on 31 December. For example, points earned on 1 March 2017 will expire on 31 December 2020, and points earned on 1 December 2017 will also expire on 31 December 2020.

  • How do I check for my balance points?

    You will be able to view your points and the expiry dates when you log into your account. We will also be sending out eNewsletters to keep you updated on your points so please subscibe and check your email regularly!

  • Can I transfer my points into another Celebrating Life account?

    As every account and point earned is for personal use, you will not be able to transfer your points into another account.